Barcode Scanner For Nokia Phones

After watching the LG's latest Ad on TV, some of my readers are asking about barcode scanner for Nokia phones. I would like to introduce barcode scanner for Nokia and other phones.

UpCode is a free optical barcode scanner. 2D, Bidi and 1D (Datamatrix / QR /Ean 8 and 13) codes are supported. You can get videos, websites, music and other content easily and quickly to your phone. The UpCode reader is available in 10 languages. UpCode is free for non commercial and non professional use. You can download UpCode from Ovi store or the following link.

How It Works

  • Open the program from the menu.
  • Make sure that nothing is covering the camera.
  • Point the camera at the UpCode code, the program either scans the code automatically or asks you to "click" to take the picture.
  • If an empty field is opened instead of the camera type in the number of the code and choose ”go”. (This means that your phone has no camera or the manufacturer has not provided any camera access for the model in question)
  • If the mobile asks for connection answer yes or choose an access point.
  • When scanning the code you can zoom in on the code by using the arrow keys; up and down
  • From the program menu you can adjust also ROI size, contrast and brightness.
Publisher: UpCode ltd

Note: Mobile tagging is the process of providing data on mobile devices, commonly through the use of data (such as a URL) encoded in a two-dimensional barcode, meant to be read and inputted using a camera phone.

Source: wikipedia

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