Nokia launches SMS Service for Small Businesses in India

Nokia has launched “Intuit GoConnect“, a text message service to help small Businesses in India. Intuit GoConnect allows them to send personalised and effective texts to their customers. For example, if you're a florist who tracks customer anniversaries, you can send your customer a message asking if they'd like to send flowers to their spouse. GoConnect also helps SMEs determine which messages work best, attracting more customers to their business. Subscribers can use this service on mobile, PC, or both. You can buy a GoConnect subscription from your nearest Nokia Priority Dealer or OxiCash store in India.

GoConnect Features
  • Access GoConnect from mobile phone or online from a PC, or both.
  • A Home page that displays a summary of status (customer total, SMS left, offers sent)
  • Add and organise customers into groups and send targeted messages
  • Send messages to customers via SMS.
  • Personalise messages
  • Receive and track responses from customers.

Compatible devices

Nokia C3, Nokia 2730 and Nokia E63

  • Buy a subscription. You get a 12-digit activation code.
  • Open the GoConnect application in your Nokia device or visit
  • Create your profile.
You can also try GoConnect before purchasing, via Online or GoConnect mobile. Go to from your desktop browser and click "Try It" or go to from your mobile browser.

Via: Nokia

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