Mobile Number Portability :MTS Innovative Offers

MTS India joins the MNP war - announced innovative offers for customers switching to MTS network.


First Recharge Coupon (Rs. 13)
  • ½ paisa per second tariff for all local calls valid for three months
Second Recharge Coupon (Rs. 50)
  • Talktime Rs.75 (Main account Rs.43 and Promo account Rs.32)
Recharge with Rs.109/month
  • Talktime Rs. 109 (Main account Rs.98 and Promo account Rs.11)
  • Promo account validity 30 days
  • Benefits 109 local mins and all local calls at 1/2 paisa
(Customer will get benefits on RC 109 each month one time for next 12 months)
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