My Blogging Secrets Revealed

This is not a regular post on mobile apps that you have usually seen on Actually, it is my E-mail reply to one of my regular readers who asked about my blogging success.

E-mail Received from Naveen K P
Have you created a new website.? you r still a mystery to me. u cant alone do like this
.i think u r a legend tech expert . otherwise u have lot of tech content grabbers. once u gave me a co blogger invitation but then i failed to use that golden invitation. i would like to know about ur great victory and personality. can i know about u.?
please reply . dont let this email down
naveen kp

My E-mail reply to Naveen kp

Dear Naveen,

Thank you for contacting me. There is no mystery about me. I m a housewife and leads a happy life with my husband. Unfortunately, my shy nature prevent me to open my identity on public. I never thought, my blogging activities make me fame on one day!

If you are interested, I would like to share my online history and blogging secrets here. After my marriage, I used to get more free time when my husband is at his office. I am interested in drawing, so he taught me some Photoshop lessons. I spent more time with our home PC and studied Photoshop with the help of books, CDs and YouTube videos. This leads me to addict to Internet. One day, I asked my husband to help me to find an online job for me. We searched on Google and find some works, but can't make any money. At last, we stumbled up on blogging after reading the success story of India's famous blogger Amit Agarwal - that changed my life!

I chose Blogger ( as my blogging platform for some economic reasons. Most of the "Make money Guru's" say, WordPress is the best platform for blogging. But we have to spend a lot of money for domain name, purchasing premium theme and monthly hosting fee. So I decided to choose Google's free blogging platform Blogger. Then I started my online business without investing any money.

I published some articles about blogging and make money online. I joined Google AdSense for getting Ads on my blog and started to make earnings. But traffic to my blog and earnings were too low.

I decided to find out the reasons behind my drawbacks. I had found, blogging on Blogger platform is the main reason for lacking more visitors to my blog. I searched on Google and experimented some codes on my blogger template and also implemented some blogging strategies. After some months, by hardworking, I had successfully set up my blogger blog. Now I have more visitors, readers and more Money!

This is my blogging journey, so far. If you need more assistance on blogger blogging, I am happy to help you!

Sajithapramod :D

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