Download Opera Mobile 11.1 for Nokia

Opera Mobile has released new browser version 11.1 for Nokia S60 devices. Opera Mobile 11.1 has exciting new features which will make browsing on S60 device easier than ever before.

Opera Mobile 11.1 - Features

  • Added support for Google AutoComplete
  • Added ability to search directly from the address bar
  • Added intelligent domain suggest which suggests your most used domain endings
  • Added support for country domain auto-complete such as .ru or .id
  • Added user agent setting
  • Improved CSS, HTML5 standards support
  • Improved text selection

S60 specific change log

  • Added support for Symbian Anna
  • Improved native font support
  • Improved rendering of complex scripts (devanagari, kannada and gujarati)
  • Improved support for Nokia E7, Nokia N97
  • Improved support for half-screen keyboards
  • Improved crash reporting
  • Fixed autocompletion of URls on Nokia E61, E63 and E71
  • General bug fixes and improvements
Download Opera Mobile 11.1 now direct to your S60 device from