Get PC-style Web pages on any Mobile phone recommends BOLT 2.5 for desktop-feeling web browsing experience on your Mobile device. BOLT is a fast mobile browser that offers real browsing experience on all levels of mobile devices. BOLT is a full featured mobile Web browser that supports widgets, direct Twitter and Facebook integration, streaming videos, RSS feeds, social media sites, Google Maps and more.

Key features of BOLT

*BOLT's cloud-based super efficient data compression technology

*BOLT is built on Webkit based platform. Webkit is the layout engine that is also behind the Safari (iphone), Chrome (Android) and many of the other Smartphone browsers.

* The BOLT browser supports the HTML5 web standard

*  In addition to best-of-breed page load speeds, BOLT provides superior rendering of complex pages and web applications in its class. Web content is never reformatted, repurposed, or removed. Full desktop style pages can be viewed with capability to easily switch between multiple sites using the browser's tabbed features.

* BOLT is  J2ME browser that is able to play streaming flash or HTML5 videos from sites like Youtube, Facebook, MTV.

*The BOLT browser comes tightly integrated with social media applications like Facebook and Twitter. A Gallery of Widgets is also available for popular websites like Facebook and Twitter.

*Feature Rich Web browsing features include Download Manger, RSS subscriptions, click-to-call phone numbers, Keypad shortcuts and many others.

BOLT Indic

BOLT Team has released the Indic version of BOLT for users in India. BOLT Indic provides full Indian language web browsing experience. This means that you can not only view websites with Indic languages, you can also send emails, write blogs, create posts and interact with websites in the Indic language of your choice. The following nine major Indian languages, in addition to English, are supported:

* Hindi
* Bengali
* Tamil
* Kannada
* Gurmukhi
* Gujarati
* Malayalam
* Oriya
* Telugu

Download BOLT mobile Browser