An Easy Way to Get Jobs At Intel

If you’re looking for your first job, a new job or a complete career change, you have an app to find out what jobs at Intel are available at lightning speed.

 Jobs At Intel free app helps you take advantage of Intel job search and networking tools on the go. This app is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android users.

 Key features

  •   Connect with Intel: Intel has a network of opportunities (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Videos) for you to meet, connect, interact, share, and exchange ideas with real Intel employees worldwide.
  •  Job Search: Explore Intel jobs using your career criteria—job title, keywords or even your current location. You can also store your search history, save your job search to a list of favorites, or receive job alerts based on recent and saved searches. 
  • Scan: If you come across a QR code during one of Intel hiring events, you can conveniently take advantage of the scan feature to access videos or other content at high speed. 

Download links: Google Play/iTunes

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