How you can OWN Deccan Chargers IPL Team?

Don't take it serious;it's funny! But you can really watch an IPL match sitting along with the real owners in the DC owners Lounge at the Hyderabad stadium!

Location based mobile app Mojostreet has tied up with Deccan Chargers to go social. As a user, you get double the incentive for checking into Deccan Chargers Zones - in addition to getting cool discounts, you get a chance to win DC merchandise and IPL match tickets too!To begin with, you need to check-in at any of the Deccan Charger Zones in Hyderabad. The person with the maximum number of check-ins at DC zones every alternate day will be rewarded with some really cool DC merchandize. The person with the maximum number of check-in will get to own the Deccan Chargers Team on mojostreet. The mojo owner will get to watch a DC match (in Hyderabad) alongside the real owners in the owners’ box at the stadium.

 Do you want a try? Mojostreet has launched a special page where you can see who is leading, past winners and folks actively checking in at DC Zones across Hyderabad. Go and beats them!

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