How to Check PNR status of Indian Railways train ticket on Mobile

Is it time to check your PNR(Passenger Name Record) status online? Facing server down problem or you are out of home/office and there is no PC near you? Don't worry! Here is an Android app to your rescue.
Kudos to Vedant. He developed a wonderful app for Indian railway passengers. His debut app 'PNR status and train info'is available on Google Play Store.

 Features of 'PNR status and train info' app

 - Check PNR status of your Indian Railways train ticket
- Check PNR status of all tickets from your IRCTC account
- Train schedule from train name or train number
- Trains between stations (with an option to display seat availability of all matching trains in the same page) - Seat availability
- Running status of a train - Arrivals and departures at a station
- Fare enquiry
- Display and save your IRCTC e-ticket/electronic reservation slip (ERS). This can also be shown to the TTE as a valid ticket with any of the recognised ID cards.

You can also enter your IRCTC username and password and it will get the ticket status of all printable tickets from your IRCTC account. All communication with your username and password is fully encrypted with SSL, RSA and/or AES encryption methods.

 Additional features:

 - saves PNR status of all tickets automatically
- save one pair of IRCTC username and password to avoid entering it repeatedly (this is saved on your phone in the app's data folder)
- saves IRCTC e-ticket automatically
- displays train arrival and departure timings for each ticket
- view status of several tickets at once
- option to send an SMS to 139 if data network connectivity fails You are always asked before sending an SMS. SMSes are never sent to any number except 139. Normal SMS charges will be deducted by the carrier.

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