A Secret App to Hide Calls and SMS on Your Mobile Phone

Here is an app to keep your secret! CATE App is a personal Call and Text Eraser app utilized for protection, security, and privacy. The main benefit CATE app provides is to block calls/texts from coming through to your phone at specific times when you want your privacy. You can also use this app in reverse manner to find secrets on your partner's phone too.

How does CATE app work:

There will be no icon on your phone after downloading CATE app .

To open CATE: After downloading CATE, turn your phone off for 30 seconds, then turn it back on. To open the app, go to your phone's keypad (where you would normally dial numbers for an outgoing call) and dial '4444'. Press CALL. (Use the code '5555' for the free version). You can reset this number by going to 'Secret Number' and creating your own pass code (but don't forget it!).After you open CATE via the 'Secret Number', go into the "Add/Edit Contacts" tab. It will load all of your contacts, and you can create your blacklist here. The Add New tab, will allow you to add contacts not on your contact list.When you want CATE to intercept calls and texts you will need to turn Stealth Mode ON (green light on), and press "MINIMIZE APP". If you press "CLOSE APP" it will close CATE completely, and it will no longer be in stealth mode.

Features of CATE App

Easiest app to set up and operate.
Call blocking facility.
Protects your privacy by secret number.
Text (SMS) blocking/filtering facility.
Hidden icon or NO icon on phone.
Picture (MMS) blocking/filtering facility
Unlimited number of blacklist contacts.
Ability to start Calls, SMS, & MMS within App
Stealth mode.
Block options for each contact: Calls, SMS, and/or MMS.
Quick clean all private information.
Add contacts from address book or manually.
Retrieve calls and texts when it is safe.
App minimizes when idle.
Minimize app with a quick shake.
Automatic or Manual Syncing
Text Log within CATE
Fake Notification with Dummy SMS
Auto Reply SMS (Text Message)
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CATE App is now available on  Google Play . iphone and Blackberry versions coming soon.

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