Earn Money From Your Free App: Nokia AdExchange Program

Dear App developers, rejoice! Here is a great News for you. You are going to make money from your free apps!
Nokia has introduced Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX) - a biggest mobile in-app advertising exchange. With one API and one partner, you'll get access to over 120 ad agencies and networks worldwide. Nokia Ad Exchange offers very attractive features for budding and premium mobile app developers.

Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX)- At A Glance
  • NAX is free for developers.
  • Registration is open to all developers in all countries.
  • Revenue payment enabled in over 200 countries across the world
  • You can use NAX on all Nokia platforms, including Windows Phone, Series 40 / JavaME, and Symbian in addition to other, non Nokia platforms such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry.
  • Banners, full-screen ads, and text ads are supported by NAX.
  • The revenue share between an app publisher and NAX is 70/30.
  • Optimization across 120+ ad networks
  • Smart, contextual ad servicing for optimum effective cost per mile
  • Easy to implement – just one line of code
  • Manage your own ad campaigns to promote your app
NAX will launch on October 30th 2012. You can register and get more information on the NAX site: nax.nokia.com.

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