Google Search App for iOS Got Most Advanced Voice Search

The Google Search app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch has got most advanced voice search yet. Google Search app version 2.5 also support iPhone 5.

What's New in Version 2.5

✓ Simply say what you want and get results without typing.
✓ Faster and significantly improved voice recognition with text streamed on the fly.
✓ Get answers spoken directly back to you with web results tailored to your questions.
✓ Want to see types of questions that work well? Visit

If you say “Play me a trailer of the upcoming James Bond movie.” The trailer starts playing immediately right within Google Search. In the latest version of the Google Search App for iOS , not only can you say your question out loud, but your search app can speak your answer right back to you. And, using Google's Knowledge Graph, your search app gives you smarter answers loud and clear. Watch the flowing video to see improved voice search in action.  It is also available in new Android version too.

  Download Link for iOS
  Download link for Android

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