Emergency Call Alerts for Airtel Customers


I think this is a good subscription service for everyone especially for students and working woman . Airtel Emergency Alerts" helps you to feel safe while on the go or at home by keeping your loved-ones informed.

Airtel Emergency Alerts will work on all handsets capable of SMS. Airtel Emergency Alerts is an emergency alerting service. Whenever a subscriber calls any emergency number, a pre-defined group of up to 10 mobile numbers defined by the subscriber, usually family and friends are automatically and instantly informed along with the subscriber's location. In addition, Airtel Emergency Alerts service also offers several other useful features.Once a subscriber signs up, the service will automatically be on 24x7 Alert mode. SMS SAFE to 55100 and Airtel will instantly inform your loved ones that you are safe. SMS HELP to 55100 and we will inform them that you need help.

How to Subscribe Airtel Emergency Call Alerts

Just type START or START <space> <1stMobileNumber> <2ndMobileNumber>... and SMS to 55100 or dial 55100(tollfree).

Price: Rs.30 for 30 days of service. If you have insufficient balance you will be charged Rs.10 for 10 days or Rs.1.50 for 1 day of service.

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