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"I have decided to retire from the One Day format of the game. I feel blessed to have fulfilled the dream of being part of a World Cup winning Indian team,"  Sachin Tendulkar [ NDTV]

Harbhajan Singh@harbhajan_singh

Masters.423 matches, 23 yrs, 18426 runs !!!! These numbers no body else wil be able to come close to.salute salute salute to sachin

Harbhajan Singh@harbhajan_singh

Sachin tendulkar a great batsman.great human being.a great friend.great man to look up 2.proud indian.Real son of india.I salute u nd love u

          Bharath Kumar@_Bharath

    Those Mayans were right, today the world as I knew and grew up has came to an end. Sachin retires from ODI format of cricket. :-( :-(

    Semu Bhatt@semubhatt

    Sachin should have retired on the day India won the World Cup. Hope he will now dedicate more time as a parliamentarian.

    Kamaal R Khan - KRK@kamaalrkhan

    I would have feel proud of my favourite player Sachin if he would have got retirement on the field like a lion n any other great player.


    As Sachin retires, so has the childhood, and the cricket of so many millions .... Mine too :( ....

    August Prabhu@augustprabhu

    To put it in one word… Sachin’s ODI career is equal to ODI’s ODI career!

    Vipul @Sporty_Baba

    Remember 93 Sharjah ODI where a young Sachin pulled Akram for a 6.Tat look of shock on Akram's face told the world that a genuis has arrived

    Kunal Bhatia@KunalOxBhatia

    22 years and 91 days of sheer bliss. Thank you Sachin Tendulkar. There will never be another.


    Sachin's retirement news is as devastating as the news of Michael jackson's death


    The day Sachin retires from international cricket. Black out all the channels except for one which shows all of Sachin's best innings.

    ShahRukh Katrina Fan@SRKKatrinaLife

    Lucky to be born in the #Sachin era RT @Ra_Bies: One man retires from playing ODIs. One billion retire from watching them


    Dear @sachin_rt we don't expect a 100 from you or a 50. You've given plenty. please play one last time against Pak. Defeat them then retire.


    Will we ever switch your television sets off for any player after he gets out like we did for Sachin?

    Daman Patel@iamdamanpatel

    My mind keeps going back to the splendid innings @sachin_rt has treated us to in Hyderabad. 186 vs NZ and 175 against Australia was genius


    Sachin's farewell should have been from a ground, infront of the fans who worship him. This is not done.


    The worst part about Sachin retiring is it'll lead to another round of "We told you the world was ending!" jokes

    Roy Jawad Hussain@SportsNews_Roy

    Sachin Tendulkar started his ODI career with 2 ducks (v Pak Dec89 & v NZ Mar90). Ended his ODI career with 114 & 52 (v Ban & Pak March 2012)


    Sachin Tendulkar, I used to cry when he got out early. :(

    Concise Trade@concisetrade

    Sachin Retires from ODIs End of an Era... Henceforth Cricket will be defined as: - Before Sachin (BS) - After Sachin (AS)


    ODI cricket retires from Sachin Tendulkar.

    Mrs. Chulbul Pandey@ChhotaRecharge

    Please Sachin, we beg you, one last series, one last match! Please@sachin_rt !

    waqas khan@SB_436

    Sachin Tendulkar won the most player-of-the-match awards inODI history (62 awards) and also the most player-of-the-series awards (15).

    Gaurav Chopra@TheGauravChopra

    This the worst 'shot' Sachin Tendulkar has ever played.

    Cricket Record@cricinfo_record

    Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for playing most consecutive ODI matches for a team; 185 matches for India from 25 Apr 1990 to 24 Apr 1998


    Sachin Tendulkar's best year year in ODIs was 1998 — nine centuries for 1,894 runs.

    Mohan P@NimmaMohan

    Finally mayan calender came true, world didn't end up, but World Champion ended up his cricket carrier. :( Miss u @sachin_rt

    Aniket Waghmare@MyFatherWatGoes

    Our Indian team is now basically a bunch of guys who took the bat and ball in hand because of Sachin Tendulkar.