Download ICE - Mumbai Police Emergency App

ICE You can now download ICE – Mumbai Police emergency app on Google Play. This is a Free Android application which is very informative and easy to use. But I am not much impressed with this app. Check out my review.

My expectation was high.   I hope this app will soon get some major updates. Otherwise it looks like a usual SOS app. Major complaint about this app is its file size. The actual application size is 2.01 MB. But it goes up to 10 MB when we enter single phone number. SOS siren only lasts 30 seconds. That is not enough. In a good network, GPS and SMS options work fine. But I am not sure it  works in emergency. The app has very smooth UI and provides very informative directions to handle a critical situation.

The Google Play description: Our endeavor through this App is to create public awareness about the preparations for the first response in case of identified emergency situations. In that sense, The app worth downloading.

Key Features

First of its kind multilingual app available in English, Hindi and Marathi
Send SOS distress message with just one touch
Tips on Personal Safety and Cyber Safety
Easy access to guidelines for disaster preparedness, first aid and police / ambulance phone numbers
Find the nearest hospitals automatically based on your GPS location/ hospitals across major cities in the country
Store critical information useful during emergency such as:
        Contact details of Family members, Doctors and SOS contacts
        Current and past medication, Blood group, Allergies etc.

[ Download link: Google Play ]

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