Earn Free Talk-time For Inviting Your Friends To Hike App

Social messaging app hike introduced free talk-time rewards for Indian users. You can earn free talk time if you successfully invite your friends to hike app . You will get  Rs.10 free talk-time when you join hike. You can also earn 20 free talk-time for inviting every friend . If you Invite more friends, you can earn more free talk-time. This reward offer is applicable to all current Indian hike users as well who’ve successfully invited friends to hike before today.


How does it work?

Download and Install hike

Go to the invite menu to Invite friends

Invite friends and family by SMS (Free SMS)

See how you're doing on the Rewards page

Invite, Earn and Redeem your talk time.

About Hike

Hike is an easy to use social messenger app with advanced features. It lets' you messaging free for life unlike WhatsApp. With free hike SMS, you can message friends who don't have hike installed as well. Each hike user gets 100 Free hike SMS every month to message those friends who aren’t on hike. You can also share photos & videos with those who don't have hike with Free hike SMS. If you connect your Facebook or Twitter account, you will get 100 free SMS instantly. You can earn an extra 50 free SMS per month for every every friend that join because of you. Hike is super fast. With sent, delivered, read and typing notifications, it feels like your having a chat with someone in person. (SMS features only works to India for now)

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