An SMS App For Jokes On Mobiles

It is time to laugh:-D. Jokes are waiting to burst on your mobile device. Yes, 'Shorthand India' announced a mobile app for you. Much more, it a an SMS application, so no need to use your GPRS/3G plan for this app. Shorthand's Jokes and More SMS App gives you access to jokes from Santa Banta, OMG Facts, and many more - all straight to your phone!

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 Download Shorthand's Jokes and More SMS App 

NEW USERS: Send SHORTY to 9223170750

 CURRENT USERS: Open Shorthand on your phone. From your Shorthand Home Screen select the “Options” key -;; select the “More Apps” menu item -&;; select “Refresh More Apps”. Allow time for the new Apps to load and scroll down to find "Jokes and More".

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